Sustainable Living, Our Way of Life

Sustainable living is not a trend but a way of life. Heritage Nutrivet is committed to enhancing the sustainable growth of dairy farmers, with dairy products that are immensely nutritious and effective in eradicating malnutrition across the classes. All this is possible only if the farmers are aware of the health of their livestock. As consumers of dairy farmers, our research-backed products are sustainable for both the farmers and the earth.

Sustainable Living

Harnessing Wind Power

Harnessing Wind Power, to leave green footprints

Our manufacturing units are powered by wind power. As a clean fuel source, the impact on the ecosystem is less. This action inspires others to think about sourcing clean fuels. Using this renewable energy at our manufacturing plants is one of our contributions to mother earth. Having cut down on the carbon footprint, it is our conscious step to preserve nature where our plant is located.

Nourishing People, with Wholesome Milk

Milk is nutritious and is one of the solutions to eradicate malnutrition in children. Higher milk yield and good quality, in turn, help the farmer to earn an enhanced income without compromising on the health of the livestock. Milk is a wholesome food with minerals, protein, fats, etc. Quality milk is of utmost importance in the world today. We attempt to nourish people by providing quality and clean milk.

Nourishing People

Nourishing Livestock

Nourishing Livestock, with Balanced Nutrition

At HNL, our products are designed to give complete and balanced nutrition to milch animals. Care is taken to ensure that the quality of our products meets the nutritional needs, tailor-made to suit each animal. They are composed in a better digestible form. Making the animal healthy also results in healthy progeny. Healthily, they grow and expand their livestock. Thus, Nutrivet aims at bridging the gaps in livestock nutrition.

Enhancing Livelihoods, One Farmer at a Time

Our products could be the answer to increasing the supply chain of the dairy farmer. As an existing contributor to farmers’ livelihood, we endeavour to spread awareness with solutions that expand their livestock and income sustainably.