Science Behind

Science Behind

Human beings are heavily dependent on milk to attain their optimal nutritional level. This milk is primarily collected from either cows or buffaloes. These animals require nutrients in their feed to produce milk. Tree leaves, grasses and traditional feeds are not sufficient to fulfil the animals’ requirement, leading to lower milk production and deficiencies at later stages. Balanced nutrition is hence required.

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Why Livestock Feed?

Livestock feed is a balanced feed specifically formulated for maintaining milk production and the health of the animals. Dairy animals exhaust their body’s nutrients in milk. More production draws more nutrients from the body.

Livestock feeds are very dense in Protein, Energy, Minerals and Vitamins, so they load the animal body with all nutrients after feeding. The influential components of evaluating nutrition are energy, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Each animal in its making needs a balanced amount of these components to stay healthy.

By feeding Heritage Nutrivet products, you can be rest assured that these nutrients reach the livestock according to its needs. The dose varies according to the age, gestation period, and the type of animal you are feeding, etc. In a way, it is like rationing nutrients.

Made of the natural goodness of pulses, grains, bran, and more, the raw material is mixed well together to make moldable pellets. During this process, minerals are added and adjusted accordingly. This mixture is then steamed to get rid of any pathogens present. In this process, it is made sure to make the feed easily digestible. The raw material undergoes several quality checks before using them. As quality is given the utmost importance, multiple random quality checks are done until the end product is ready.

The composition of the feed is adjusted according to the feature the farmer requires from the livestock. The nutritional needs of the animal are met with quality assurance when fed with natural graze. The quantity fed to the livestock depends on the maintenance, milk production and pregnancy.