As part of our rich heritage at Heritage, HNL aims to set a stable ecosystem for the farmers. After years of being in touch directly with the farmers, we are well aware of the ground realities. Our products have been designed after three decades of meticulous research and observations.

Ground Reality

Most farmers suffer in rearing livestock as they are not aware of their potential. Reluctant to move away from traditional feeding practices, they incur a loss most of the time. The reason is, the livestock doesn't give overnight results. They mostly tend to replace the livestock rather than understanding underlying problems. At HNL, we have found innovative ways to make the farmers understand the importance of nutrition for livestock in the way they would understand. The best way we found is to show them instead of tell them, by way of infomercials, word of mouth at gatherings.

Bridging the Gaps

Since the idea of replacing cattle is a go-to idea, HNL came up with VET+. It is an App that is extremely helpful to farmers. Apart from many features, a farmer can easily reach out to veterinarian services through the app. The app comes with a feed calculator! Based on the type available in the vicinity, a farmer can calculate the feed to rear the livestock.

Analysis and Upgradation

As the nutrient requirement of livestock is different at different stages of growth, the typical like greens, forages, grains of oilseed cakes etc might be helpful at first. But this might not work in the long run. Due to the lack of some essential nutrients like digestible fibres, minerals, vitamins, there are low SNF, Fat, and Protein percentages in the livestock milk. These being the vital deciding factors of the milk quality, the farmers might incur moderate to heavy loss. To resolve this, we strive to reduce nutritional gaps by constantly upgrading our products and conducting regular analyses on how the feed works for different breeds of livestock.

Research and Simulation

No matter what the livestock feeds itself, if it is not digestible, its body will not absorb all the nutrition (refer to our research page). However, it is understandable that a farmer is reluctant to shift to new feed that takes time to show progress. That’s why we keep renewing ground data and feasibility for improvement and come up with new and improved methods of nutritious feed that are key to a stable ecosystem and sustainability.