Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Sustainability & Responsibility go hand in hand

At HNL, we strive to be sustainable and socially responsible towards the dairy farmers and Mother earth. We realise that this is not a one-time contribution. We aim at being eco-friendly and budget-friendly to the farmers, and further strive to improve the health of their livestock and increase the production and quality of milk.

Sustainability and Responsibility

As per our research, feed plays a key role in maintaining the health of the livestock. Besides profitability from operations, we also desire that farmer’s animales remain healthy and grow in numbers. An aware farmer can take timely steps to ensure that the health of his animals is not compromised. Thus, we take the responsibility to spread awareness about how to maintain the health of the livestock and act as a one-stop store of solutions to the problems they face on the ground as well.

Needless to say, the most common issue faced by the farmers is failure of the animal to come into heat, due to malnutrition. We give an all-around development solution to the farmers and also help maintain them. This increases the productivity of the livestock. Here productivity is defined by the overall development and sustenance of the animal, which includes products given by the livestock, healthy progeny and health and wellness of the animal.

At HNL, all our products are made from good quality raw materials. As the ingredients are locally sourced, it reduces the carbon footprint that makes it sustainable. No affluents or liquids are discharged while manufacturing the products and hence in no way contribute to polluting our earth in any way. We use clean, renewable wind energy sources to power our processing units to make lives more sustainable.