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At HNL, we have an in-depth understanding of the practices of farmers, and hence innovatively engineer products to serve varieties of needs of their farm animals. By consuming our livestock feed, cattle stay healthy for longer, produce more quantities of milk, and also reproduce efficiently without any energy deficiency.

Dairy Power
Dairy  Milk Rich
Dairy Supreme
Gomitra Plus
Magic Plus
By using Heritage livestock feed dairy farmers will get these benefits
  • By using heritage livestock feed more milk will be produced.
  • Will contribute to increase in FAT & SNF percentage in milk produced.
  • Will contribute the progeny of the cattle by making them conceive regularly-timely pregnancy.
Usage Method of Heritage Cattle Feed
  • Heritage cattle feed can be given as pellets or marinate in water for one hour and give them.
  • Before adopting heritage feed for dairy cattle gradually decrease the old feed and increase the heritage feed in 7 days.
Details of Heritage feed to be given to dairy cattle.
Milk Per Day Type of Heritage Feed For Body Maintenance For Milk Production Total Feed
1-5 Ltrs Dairy Power 2 1/2 kgs 2 kg 4 1/2 kgs
5-10 Ltrs Dairy Milk Rich 2 1/2 kgs 4 kgs 6 1/2 kgs
10-15 Ltrs & Above Dairy Supreme 2 1/2 kgs 6 kgs 8 1/2 kgs
5-10 Ltrs Milk Magic Plus 2 1/2 kgs 4 kgs 6 1/2 kgs
10-15 Ltrs Gomitra 2 1/2 kgs 6 kgs 8 1/2 kgs
15-20 Ltrs & Above Gomitra Plus 2 1/2 kgs 8 kgs 10 1/2 kgs

* 400 gms of feed per liter of milk.

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