Company Profile

Company Profile

Heritage Nutrivet Limited

With our dedicated research team, innovation and ingenuity, our products are designed to fulfil our motto, "Healthy Milch Animal – Happy Farmer."

As an established institution, we serve over three lakh livestock farmers pan India. Predominantly, we are the leading producer and distributor of feed and feed supplements in the southern states of India. As a flag bearer of sustainability, we spread awareness of sustainable living to farmers. We believe that this would help the farmers improve production, productivity and profits while caring for animal health. We also are proficient in providing cost-effective solutions for the farmers facing ground reality.

Range of Products

Our quality products are a total package in that they are filled with proteins, energy, minerals and vitamins in regulatory quantities. With a rooted understanding of the traditional and current practices of farmers in India, our products are innovatively engineered to serve varieties of needs of the animals. Based on our research findings, we have segregated our animal feed into Deluxe, Gold, Milk Magic, Bypass, Milk Magic Plus, Bypass Plus, Supplements and Medicines. They are devised to enhance milk production, reproductive ability and overall health and immunity of livestock.