CSR Activities

CSR Activities

At Heritage Nutrivet Limited, we are committed to practicing sustainability and social responsibility towards both dairy farmers and the environment. Our focus is on being eco-friendly and cost-effective for farmers while enhancing the health of their livestock and improving the quality and quantity of milk production.

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program is dedicated to promoting social harmony and improving the living standards of communities. Our CSR initiative at Heritage Nutrivet Limited is an ongoing commitment to ethical behavior and contributing to economic development while enhancing the quality of life in the local community and society at large.

2023 - 2024

In the dynamic landscape of 2023-24, we're catalyzing a transformative educational journey for 1,235 students spread across five distinguished institutions in Hindupur—KGBV School, ZPHS School (Demakethepalli, Sirivaram, and Pulakunta), and MPUP School (Nayanapalli). Our commitment resonates in addressing diverse educational needs, an essential step towards sculpting the future of education in theregion.

Our innovative interventions, ranging from eco-friendly solar technology to cutting-edge IT solutions, weave a tapestry of a future-ready educational framework. Beyond the realm of corporate responsibility, our CSR endeavors radiate an unwavering dedication to society, a profound belief in the potential of young minds, and a visionary outlook.

Furthermore, outfitting the school with state-of-the-art resources such as computers, LED TVs, printers, and solar heaters amplifies our commitment, seamlessly supporting their day-to-day activities. This holistic approach embodies our passion for creating an enriching educational experience that transcends traditional boundaries

2022 - 2023

As part of our 2023 commitment, we have partnered with local schools near our manufacturing plant in Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh, to reduce the challenges faced by students in accessing IT support and infrastructure for optimal learning.

We believe that students are the future of our nation, and their education is critical to our nation's growth. Therefore, we have supported schools in Hindupur to encourage and facilitate learning for students.

2021 - 2022

As part of CSR activity, HNL is associated with six Zilla Parishad Schools in Hindupur. We have provided computers and projectors along with IT technical support so that the students can get access to online education to build their knowledge and skill set.