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Research & Development

Pioneering Research in Animal Health

At HNL, we invest considerably in cutting-edge Research & Development to improve existing products and develop new ones to promote the health of milch animals. To do this, we have well established and dedicated research facilities at both Hindupur and Bapulapadu run by a group of qualified and experienced lab technicians.

Like humans, livestock has nutritional gaps. It leads them to suffer from various nutritional deficiencies that affect the health and production of the animal. Most of us are still heavily dependent on milk from these animals to balance our diets and stay healthy.

Moreover, Livestock happens to be the only source of livelihood for a majority of dairy farmers. Considering the broad spectrum of several such aspects, we have designed various products to cater to specific needs of the livestock that would keep them healthy and nourished.

The traditional feeding system doesn't fulfil all the nutritional requirements of the livestock and the farmer's expectations. Our products are thus engineered and classified based on the type of feed, supplements and medication to improve animal health and production.

How We Do It

Laboratory analysis can provide only quantitative information like the nutrient composition of raw material but it doesn't provide information about their digestibility or bioavailability for animals. For these qualitative pieces of information, we conduct animal trials that are collaborated with laboratory analysis.

Feeding Trials

Feeding trials, the first step in product planning, execution & evaluations, evaluation, helps eliminate deleterious materials and choose more performing elements for feed formulation. The intervention of target material is compared with the control group to evaluate the potency of the target material. Other trials are done to achieve more precise results after this.

Feeding Trials

Digestibility Trials

Digestibility Trials

Digestibility is the major factor that defines the quality of any raw material as well as finished feed. At HNL, we perform in-vivo as well as in-vitro digestibility trials to analyse the digestibility of any nutrient, feed and feed material to get the best production performance. Higher digestibility makes the product better. Two possible methods to estimate digestibility are

  • Direct Method (in vivo)- Done by using live animals under a very controlled environment.
  • Indirect Method (in vitro)- Done via an artificial environment that is made similar to an animal’s digestive tract.

Nutrient Specific Trials

High yielding animals are very prone to metabolic/nutritional diseases. Due to the high milk letdown and limited capacity to absorb the critical nutrients from the gut, animals are always in a negative nutrient balance, especially in energy and calcium. Continuous low levels of these nutrients in the blood may lead to the development of different metabolic diseases like hypomagnesaemia, fat cow syndrome, ketosis and milk fever. All these diseases can be easily avoided by adjusting the intake of minerals, vitamins, protein, energy and fats in the diet. If not addressed in the earlier stages, these diseases could prove to be fatal too.

At HNL, we conduct nutrient specific trials to increase the blood nutrient level of a specific nutrient. This prevents the occurrence of disease due to the deficiency of that particular nutrient.

Nutrient Specific Trials

Our Observations

Increased Milk Production In Cattle

It is every farmer’s dream to improve production, productivity and profitability by enhancing milk production, reproductive ability and overall health & immunity of his dairy cattle. However, farmers can make losses due to a lack of awareness and education. Lack of proper nutrition can also render the cattle ill health, decreasing their milk flow and in turn affecting the sale of milk.

This is where we come in. At HNL, our cattle feed products are prepared with a deep understanding of Indian feeding practices and breed and milk production levels of cows and buffalos. Our products contain protein, energy, minerals and vitamins in adequate quantities and proportions to meet the nutritional demand of dairy cattle, and they play a significant role in keeping the cattle healthy and the milk flowing.

Increased Milk Production In Cattle

Contributing To An Increase In FAT & SNF Percentage In Milk Produced

India is the world's largest producer and consumer of milk, with rapidly growing demand. Our cattle feed products are prepared with a deep understanding of Indian feeding practices and breed and milk production levels of cows and buffalos. These products contain protein, energy, minerals and vitamins in adequate quantity and proportion to meet the nutritional demand of dairy cattle. We offer a variety of cattle feed (Deluxe- Mash/pellet, Dairy Special Gold- Mash/pellet, Milk Magic Pellet, BYPASS, Excel and Supreme) to enhance milk production, reproductive ability and overall health & immunity of the dairy cattle.

Contributing to Progeny and Healthy & Timely Pregnancy

The timely delivery of healthy progeny is a sign of healthy livestock. The problems faced are conception, maintaining pregnancy and delivering progeny. It is a very complex process that solely depends on animal health. Each animal requires specific and varied nutritional requirements that change at every stage. Our feeds cater to this issue and fulfil all the Macro and Micronutrient requirements. Doing so aids in delivering healthy calves.

Improving Reproductive Efficiency without any Energy Deficiency

A balanced ratio of essential nutrients is vital for animal health. A balanced feed is synchronization among energy, protein, minerals and vitamins requirements of an animal. Our feed takes care of these nutritional gaps at every step. Taking care like this increases the reproduction capacity of the livestock as well.