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Heritafen Plus

Heritafen Plus

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Our dedicated team follows health-conscious practices and quality control protocols to design feed and feed supplements for milch animals, through years of rigorous research, continuous innovation and unmatching ingenuity. We are the leading producers and distributors of feed & feed supplements in the southern states of India.

A Broad spectrum Anthelminitc
  • Acts against gastrointestinal nematodes including inhibited larval, tapeworms, lungworms, epidermal parasitic skin infestations like pediculosis, manage, ticks, grubs and horn flies.
Dosage and Administration
  • 1 tablet per 400kg Body Weight as oral feed
  • Withdrawal Period: Milk:7 days, Meat: 35 days
Fenbendazole IP 3000 m.g.
Ivermectin IP 100 m.g.
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Happy Farmers

Nandini Tiwary


If you are looking for the best cattle feed, I recommend this product. It is well worth purchasing. Now I can see a progression in the health of cattle. My cattle benefited greatly from the product. Milk production is satisfactory, and they are healthy.

Mr. Srinivasulu,


This product is fantastic. This product was tested on local cows. The milk yield increased after only two days of feeding this product to the cows. A 20kg bag feeds four cows once a month. Thank you for using Heritage Nutrivet dairy power cattle feed.

Cindy D Silva


This item is of high quality. Because of this product, our cows are producing more milk. Heritage Nutrivet is grateful. It increased milk's fat content. Our cows are getting stronger and producing more milk. Pellets are created from natural raw materials.



Heritage Nutrivet is appreciative.This product is fantastic. I am currently observing an improvement in cattle health. In a variety of ways, the product was extremely beneficial to my cattle. Milk production is satisfactory, and the animals are healthy. It increased the fat content of milk.

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